How To Transition Out Your Summer Shoes And Into Fall

It's about time to put away your strappy sandals and sexy open toed stilettos. We know it's hard to make that transition into fall, once you fall in love with your summer fashion. Plus transitioning into your fall fashion has to be a slow process. Gradually making that change is always the best way to go, and here's how!

This summer sandals that laced up were the hottest trends. Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and just about every fashionable celebrity were seen wearing this style. If you got yourself a pair this year we’re sure you fell in love.

The next step to transitioning into fall is to keep wearing your favorite Lacey sandals, but in a different style. Try velvet sandals, or a material that's much thicker. This keeps you a bit warmer. Sandals such as these are great for September weather.

Over the knee boots are always a hot trend. This is a great style to try once it's too cold for exposed toes. You also can achieve a similar look to sandals that laced up to the knees. Styles like these elongate your legs and enhances their beauty. Shop the site to find your new favorite fall boots!

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