Do You Know Your Shoe Horoscope?

I’m sure we can all agree that we can’t help looking at our horoscopes no matter how ridiculous the concept may seem. We love the fun that comes with reading about your own personality based on the stars, so why not read about the way your personality is portrayed through shoes? Keep scrolling to see which shoe from our collection perfectly matches your zodiac sign and why!


We had to start off with this signature zodiac sign. Aries are known for being the energetic, unstoppable, and devoted type of people. This sign is also known for loving new items and being able to be expressive. All of these attributes can perfectly be shown through our Shimmy Laser Cut Out Velvet booties! They shine bright with their metallic-like, velvety texture and the cut outs all along the front are the perfect way to show off what they want.



Libras are the type to be charming, lovable, and hopeless romantics, but they have another side to them too. They are the sign that is all about the experience. They love to have a nice balance in their life which is why our Destinee Velvet Ankle Wrap Shoe is their perfect match. This shoe shows off their romantic side with its blush pink color while still not having too much going on.



When it comes to Taurus’, they can be more on the reserved side. They love to be elegant and organized which is why our Roma Single Sole Heel in Nude is their signature look! A nude shoe shows that they enjoy being more on the subtle side but this shoe adds a more elegant touch with the clear strap and wrap-around detailing on the ankle.



Scorpios are reflected through unique objects. Their attitudes are intense and they love intimacy. Once they find something they enjoy, they grow a true passion and even a borderline obsession for it. That’s why our Martini Lace Up Sandal is the perfect look for them! With its unique lace details and soft color, there’s no way a Scorpio should have to live without these babies.



This sign seems to always have it all figured out. They love to be original and they come with a lot of wisdom. Their other side can also be witty and adventurous. You can tell they are in love with a fast pace life and are always very much verbal about what they feel. Our Meg Cut Out Sandal is the perfect middle man with its classic color that also has an edgier caged ankle detail.



The sign that is all about being fun, adventurous, and outspoken; what better shoe to represent their crazy and inspiring nature than our Envy Caged Sandal? This shoe is the perfect way to make a lasting statement which is just what sags love to do! With its individual color and cute cut-outs, they’ll be sure to stand out amongst the rest.



Ohhh a cancer. The helpful and emotional ones with a little spritz of party girl in them. They are the calm creatives that put all their emotions into their work. Their signature shoe is our Tara Lace Up Sandal! This shoe puts elegance and creativity into one perfect piece. The lace up detailing from the ankle all the way down to the toe gives a new look and the earth tone of the shoe keeps it all subtle.



Everyone knows that Capricorns are the type of people to have a good public image and seem to have a very structured life, but that’s not all that they have going for them. They can be fearless, loyal, and they love a good quality shoe. That’s why our Corina Peep Toe Bootie is the perfect fit. It has a classic black structure but with a bit of twist to it with its peep toe that matches the attitude of Capricorns perfectly!



The honest, protective, and strong sign. They are the alphas of the jungle with a bit of playfulness in them. Something that you might not have known about this sign is that they are inevitably attracted to gold. Our Wylla Heels are the perfect piece for Leo’s to have in their closet with the jungle inspired touch of gold on the ankle of the shoe! 



This sign loves to be friendly and always has an open mind in life and with trends! They have a more eccentric type of style and they tend to think more into the future which is why our Mimi Heels in Grey fit their aesthetic so perfectly. This shoe has super cute pearl-like details all along the ankle strap and bottom strap that hasn’t been spotted on a lot of shoes which is why there’s no better sign to wear it than an Aquarius.



Chances are if you’re a Virgo, you’re a sweet, practical, and resourceful type of person. They love to think things out before acting and are a bit reserved. Despite these qualities, they don’t always carry them onto their fashion picks. They still like a bit of color while adding some comfort which is why our Chelsey Wedges would be their match made in heaven! The wedge gives them a sense of security and this coral shade adds some fun.



Last but certainly not least, we have our Pisces. The sign that has a whimsical and fantasy-like thought process with a wise and comfortable side in mind. Our Selina Curvy Pump is the perfect heel for them! The unique curvature on the structure of the shoe is special in its own way and the muted color gives a light and almost fairytale like feel that is perfect for who Pisces truly are.


I really hope you enjoyed searching for the signature shoe chosen for you based on the stars! Make sure to tag ShoeLimiteless in your social media posts when styling our shoes and be sure to mention where your style inspiration came from!












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