Finding The Perfect Shades For Your Face

Every pair of shades isn’t meant for every face type. Have you ever went shopping, tried on shades, and realized that maybe every pair doesn’t work for your face?

That’s because different styles of sunglasses are made to frame different faces. The next time you decide to purchase a pair of shades take the shape of your face into consideration.

Once you’ve done that then shopping for sunglasses will always be a breeze. Don’t worry having to wear the same styles never gets boring, because you’ll always be able to find fashionable designs.

Round Face

Round faces are, well….round. Basically that’s the gist of it. This means that the length and width of your face are pretty close to being equal. The shapes of your face is really soft, so frames with sharp angles works best for you. Wearing large, to slightly large square frames will add definition to the shape of your face instantly.

Oval Face


If you have an oval shaped face, then that means your chin is slightly narrower than your forehead. Most frames look good on you, so your options are endless. The key is just trying on different pairs and having fun with it. Although every pair looks good on you, cat eye frames do look the best! This style is a fun and sassy go to whenever you need something funky to add to your collection.


Heart Shaped Face


Heart shaped faces are best explained as if the round face and oval face had a baby. Your face is round, but the difference is that your face starts to become thinner at your jawline as well as your chin. Butterfly and cat eye frames will give balance to the shape of your facial structure. If your forehead is broad try rounder frames to compliment it.

Squared Face


Strong definition, is the best way to describe a square shaped face. Your forehead, jawline, and chin have extremely symmetrical angles. It’s best to go for frames that will contrast your face. Round frames creates a pleasant aesthetic and compliments your angles. Oval frames will add length to your face, and a cat eye will define its features.

What is your favorite shades? Talk to us!

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