Get The Perfect Back To School Accessories For This Year

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Arm accessories are always one of the main things that you need while in school. Arm candy is often forgotten about, but it adds a certain flare to any outfit. Here's the best arm pieces that you need to get you going through your school year.

What you have on your arm and how you style it makes a difference in your school day. The right arm candy can add a lot of personality to whatever you're wearing for the day. Plus they can also keep you on time for all of your study groups, and classes.

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Having a bad hair day with no time to get back to the dorms? Or just want your hair off your neck and out of your face? The hair tie bracelet will save the day.

This innovative accessory is so genius. We all tend to throw our hair back when we're about to get down to business. Having one of these ready at all times can help you stay focused.


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Watches are an old school arm candy item, but it's also one of the greatest. Watches will never go out of style they are the ultimate foundation to arm candy layers. What's best is that it will keep you on time.

When you're in a rush, or losing track of time, nothing puts you back on track quicker than a quick look at your wrist.  

Your favorite watch can be worn in so many ways too. Which leads us to another cool arm accessory.

Stone bracelets aren't multifunctional, but they look damn good when layered with the accessories you really need. We say keep a few stone bracelets around to add depth and layers to your look.




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