How To Elevate Your Look With Yellow Shoes This Summer

They key to a bomb outfit is the shoes. Yes, we know that some people would like to think that it’s anything else besides the shoes, but… it’s the shoes. More often than not the biggest problem with an outfit is the shoes. This is because shoes can often be seen as that added piece you take care of lastly. You can have a fantastic outfit on, but if the shoes ain’t right your whole look may become a disaster.

If this sounds familiar then you’ve got to start thinking about your shoe game. Don’t be afraid of a bold shoe choice either. Yellow is such a popping color this year. Its use has been more prominent in fashion since Beyonce dropped Lemonade. Since then we’ve been seeing men and women getting their grown and sexy on with yellow. So why not try a yellow shoe this summer? You’re looking to step out of the box and elevate your style game right?

Well, a yellow shoe will definitely get the job done. Tisha is a gorgeous open toe strappy sandal, with a Chinese inspired print, and a stiletto heel. If you haven’t checked out Tisha yet you have to, because these shoes are bad! The color is perfectly on trend and not too bright, while the print gives it this extra classy and chic finish. Remember the shoes are the foundation for your outfit. Starting with a yellow shoe can take you so many places on your style journey.

A pair of boyfriend, skinny, or mom jeans would be perfect to start with. Or you can keep it less casual and grab yourself a quick and easy sundress. Now the main question may be “what other colors can I wear?” The answer is whatever you want. If that kind of freedom seems a little overwhelming then try this. Whenever you’re wearing a bold shoe color, try wearing another color in your outfit that compliments it.

Color blocking is a sure fire way to add style to your outfit. If you’re not in the mood to be colorful, going the minimalist route can be cute as well. A plain white top and some jeans, or even a cute pair of sweats will pair easily as well. The focal point of your outfit will be your shoes and we see nothing wrong with that. You’ll look effortless, like you’ve never even gave your outfit any thought. Then you’ll notice not only do you have style, but you’ll have a new found swag as well.

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