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How To Wear Your Winter Sandals Like Rihanna

Photo Credit: Vogue


Rihanna is the queen of strappy sandal slayage, and just recently in, New York City she was spotted in a pair of winter white ones. Yes, we know sandals aren’t traditionally worn in the winter, but when you’re a trendsetter it doesn’t matter.
RiRi was spotted on her way to dinner and was wearing a stunning skirt and blazer with matching sandals. It was such a look and a big inspiration to fashion enthusiasts everywhere. Could wearing sandals in the winter be the next big thing?!
Here’s how to achieve the look for yourself. First, know that Rihanna went straight from her hotel, to a car, and then straight into a restaurant. She didn’t walk a few blocks to the train in the snow, and then to dinner. Also there wasn’t inches of snow on the ground either. The key to this is being practical.
Just know to always be cautious of the weather conditions. On a mild winters day if there’s very little snow involved we say go for it. Grab your favorite pair of strappy sandals. They can be stiletto or block heeled it doesn’t matter. Also, stockings have the night off for this look….unless you have something in mind then totally do that instead.
Remember style is always about how YOU feel. So anyways, a dress, skirt, or pair of jeans are a great go to for this look. If you want more of a glam feel stick with the skirt and dress, or do a trouser pant. Toss on a cute oversized blazer or a suitable jacket and you’re set.
Rihanna is also known for a bold lip so go for a red or any other popping colors that you love. A chic sleek hairstyle or wild fun curls would go great with the overall style for the occasion.
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