Must Have Boots This Fall

Must Have Boots This Fall


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It's boot season again! One of the best things about fall besides the comfy clothes and warm layers is boots. There are some really cute boots trending too, so we've been all over the latest trends. Here are the top must haves right now.


Block Heeled Boots


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Blocked heels have been hanging around all 2016. She's a loyal trend. Here since spring, the blocked heel gave us cute peep toes and fun flirty sandals up until now. The 90’s are back so anything related with a modern twist is in. Blocked heels were extremely popular then. Plus they're really comfortable.

Sock Booties


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We're always looking for new ways to expand on boots. The sock bootie is a perfectly cute trend for this season. Since the 90’s look is in, it makes sense that this classic trend would come back around.

They're not heavy or clunky and they're so easy to put on. For most of them you literally just slip your foot right in. Best of all you can wear these to work and to any event where you feel like being fashionable.


Lace Up Boots


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Boots with laces will always be a fall fashion trend. This style does not die. Some styles are a little more street and some are a little more schoolgirl chic. It's always easy to feel smart wearing business attire with a trendy lace up bootie.

It's just something about the tight laces and the heel clacking that we can't get enough of. It's a powerful feeling. You also feel snug, safe, and secure in a boot that laces up. They really make you feel like you can conquer the world.



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