Shoe Limitless’ Guide to Street Style

Keeping up with designer fashion shows can honestly be tough and exhausting at times, but don’t let it stop you from grabbing inspiration. The great thing that comes with all of these high-end fashion shows is the inspiration from people on the street! Seeing the way these fashionistas put their outfits together so seamlessly makes you want to try it all for yourself; but where do you start?  If you’re a little hesitant on the idea, don’t worry. Here at shoe limitless we have the perfect beginners guide to make you look like a street style pro! Take a look at how we style 3 of our favorite trends right now with different shoes for inspo on how to make your own unique look that you’ll love.


Dress Up Your Sweats

This is a trend that everyone should try out since it’s been such a popular look for a few seasons now. You can achieve a look like this in a few easy steps. Take your favorite pair of sweats like some Adidas joggers or Nike Tapered Thermas, pair them with some heels and a nice top, and bam! You instantly look like you know what you’re doing.  Our girl Vanessa Lundy took the trend and put her own spin on it by adding a structured blazer and finished the look off with our JOSIE-G caged sandals!


Having Fun with Fringe

Fringe is having its own comeback this year both in runway shows and all around the city streets. This trend can be incorporated into your wardrobe is so many ways! The end result all depends on your personal style. Boho- it-up with fringe in earth tones or take it to an edgier place like we did with this all- black outfit. We paired our SIENNA LACE UP booties with this fringe skirt and off-the-shoulder top combo to add a little more interest into the mix.



Obsessed with Oversizing

You’re not a real style icon if you haven’t pulled off some type of oversized clothing item. We’ve seen a bunch of different looks and variations of this trend all over. From huge jackets to even oversized pants, we thought we’d give you the easiest way to pull it off. One tip to remember is to never lose your shape. If you go oversized on the top, stick with something tight fit at the bottom and vice versa. Here we paired an oversized coat with distressed skinnies to not loose shape of the legs. We love how our Kayla Lace Up booties made a light color contrast to finish the look off!



We hope these looks gave you some new ideas to try with your own wardrobe as well as our shoes! If you recreate any of these looks that include any Shoe Limitless pieces, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram so we can see!


Im such a neturals girl lovin’ the black and white but a pop of color with a shoe is an awesome way to incorpoate color!

Lynnette February 01, 2018

First, I would like to say I’m so happy for Judy and the progress that Shoelimitless is having. The blog is an addition to the brand that your clients will love. By the way, I’m digging all three styles. Much love and prosperity!

Dorothy January 30, 2018

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