Style Guide: How To Wear Sweatpants

Style Guide: How To Wear Sweatpants



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These days it’s all about being casual. A casual slay, a casual beat, a casual look. It’s all just no big deal, that you look simply amazing. There’s so many ways to pull this look off, and why not start with sweatpants? A classic staple of fashions more comfortable side.


Sweatpants aren’t just those things you put on to lounge around. Worn the right way they can be incredibly stylish, while serving their cozy purpose. Here’s a few ways to pull off a few looks.


Casual Slay

Now a casual slay requires you to kill your look while being completely comfortable. Do you like form fitting clothes? Making sure the ankles are fitted is always a good start. You can try a jogger or any other style that accentuates your beauty.


Try throwing on a pair of heels with this style, along with a flattering yet comfortable top. If you prefer oversized go for exactly that. You may honestly feel comfortable in a pair of joggers as well. There’s also a number of straight legged sweatpants out there that are pretty dope too. Pair those with a cute pair of boots or sneakers and a very stylish top.


Business Casual

Now, of course it may be inappropriate to wear sweatpants at your job. If not, go for this look one day and do it with confidence! But business casual sweatpants aren’t just for the office. This can be a look for a cute little business brunch, a meeting.


To achieve this style always wear your sweats with a pair of heels you’d wear to work. A blouse or perhaps a blazer always works as well. Don’t be afraid to add a statement necklace or even carry your work bag as well.


Date Night Casual


Date nights aren’t always glamorous, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get cute for them. You and your bae could be just headed to that cute little bar, around the corner with decent food, and better drinks specials. To get cute without doing the most, throw on some sweatpants.  You can pair this look with heels, or a cute pair of combat boots if you’re rocking a fitted ankle. Add a crop top, and a cute hairstyle and it’s a look sis!

What are your thoughts SL dolls! Tell us which one fits your style? 

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