Sustainable Fashion Takes Over 2020

Sustainable Fashion Takes Over 2020

Over the past few years sustainable fashion has been making a name for itself. Vegan leathers, garments made from recycled materials, and eco friendly designs have been introduced into high fashion. 


In 2019 the importance of sustainable fashion became clearer than ever before. This choice in fashion keeps you safe from toxins, carcinogens, and other chemicals. Although the fashion is beautiful the materials aren't always good for the environment. 


This fashion choice is now being called ethical, and it's becoming increasingly popular this year. Unfortunately, the fashion industry can be one of the leading industries that contributes negatively to the environment. That's why high fashion designers are deciding to create more using these materials. 


Sustainable fashion also eliminates waste production as well, because of the innovative use of the products used to create each article of clothing. For example, cactus leather, yes cactus leather is on the rise. The skin of the cactus is now being used to create leather garments. Due to the water retention a cactus holds, it's said that this leather should be very soft. 


So as we enter this year we should try giving sustainable fashion a chance. We don't have to dive into a wardrobe; however a piece or two would do us, and the earth some good. 


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