The Best Purses To Carry On A Fun Summer Night

Summer is just about here, but the way this weather has been set up, it feels like it's already here. With summer, comes those amazingly magical summer nights. The one thing you don't want on a summer night adventure, is a huge bag.

The right kind of purse is crucial in the summer. If you're busy during the day and need to carry a lot with you, then a cute tote is the way to go. On those wild summer nights add a clutch, long strap shoulder bag, or even a cute little book bag purse.

You don't want to feel weighed down, and you want to also keep your hands free. A satchel, tote, or hobo purse isn't what you want. You'll end up being frustrated with how heavy it is. Not to mention they make you hot, because you're trying to support its weight.

No one has time to be adjusting, and switching shoulders all night. A clutch is easy, because you can hold it with one hand. You barely even notice you're holding it. Plus if you're tired of keeping your hand on your purse, you can always slide it underneath your arm.          

A shoulder bag is also a fabulous choice. Although your shoulder bag may be just as chic as your clutch, trust you’ll be able to hold more. These are slightly bigger purses, because the strap allows the bag to have more room. Toss the purse strap on your shoulder, add a few essentials to it and you're ready to go.  

A cute book bag purse keeps your hands completely free. These purses also allow you the freedom to be a bit more adventurous with your night. These purses are ideal for a cute late night walk, or bike ride.

So remember, choosing a practical bag for your summer nights, is the best way to keep you comfortable and chic!

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