This Season's Cutest Biker Shorts

This Season’s Cutest Biker Shorts


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Biker shorts are one of those fashion choices that’s been trending on and off since the 80’s. You know, right along with fanny packs and scrunchies.  Last year this look came back and was styled in incredibly chic and innovative ways. This year it seems like these shorts have leveled up fashion wise and we’re here for it. Here’s some biker short styles that will be this seasons vibes.

Prints & Patterns

One of the cutest type of biker shorts this year are the ones with prints or patterns. If you can find a set that would be a really cute look. Mixing tops and bottoms is a fun way to style these shorts. For the spring try a sweatshirt or throw on an open oversized shirt or cardigan.


Lace is a sexy and romantic biker shirt vibe. If you’re feeling casual yet flirty go for the biker shorts with the lace trim at the seams. These are so chic and look amazing with a sock bootie or stiletto. Lace biker shorts makes a cute look for a casual afternoon date, day party, or of course brunch with your crew.


Kanye West Yeezus label has a huge part in reviving biker shorts. We saw a lot of dudes, grays, and even some soft hues of blue. This year more vibrant colors are being found in stores. Some of your favorites maybe carrying some neon colors, which are popping right now. Colorblocked biker shorts will also be trending as well so be on the lookout for more of those.

Honorary Mention: This season’s biker shorts will come in different lengths as well. Just like a mini and midi skirt, you’ll be able to snag a pair of mini or midi biker shorts too. Midi biker shorts are everything and they’re a sexy look for spring too!

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