Top 5 Reasons You Should Never Be Afraid To Wear Statement Shoes

A statement necklace is always a cute way to add some edge to your outfit, but a statement shoe? That’s always a sure fire way to get best dressed in any situation. Statement shoes are a must for any girl’s closet. You don’t have a closet full of them, but a few pairs are essential to your style upgrade. Here’s 5 good reasons why you should never be afraid to try wearing a pair of statement shoes.

  1. They Make Getting Dressed Easy

How? You may ask. Well, think of it this way. If your shoes are the statement piece then your work is pretty much done. All you have to do now is figure if you're in the mood for more is more or less is more. If you want more then add colors that compliment your shoes. Choose a fashion item that also makes a statement, or anything else you're in the mood for. If you feel like keeping it simple, then think of ways to give yourself a minimal look. To go for the less is more look find basic pieces to add to your outfit.


  1. You'll Always Turn Heads

People always notice a well dressed person. That's always a been a fact that'll always be a fact. To take it even further people always notice a person that's wearing something unique. Statement shoes are usually unique. This is because they're attention grabbers. A fun pair of statement shoes will bring tons of “girrrlll I love those shoes” and “ where did you get those shoes?!” You'll even get those people who'll say “ your shoes are really different” as if it's kind of a compliment but we really know it's not. Either way people will be talking and very intrigued.

  1. They Allow You To Be Lazy

If you have somewhere to go and don't really feel like getting dressed, through on some statement shoes. These are the best way to get dressed without much effort and still end up with a fly outfit. A basic top, or  basic dress paired with statement shoes will create a soft dramatic look that takes no time at all to put together.


  1. They're A Confidence Boost

There may not be too many people that have ever worn a pair of statement shoes and didn't feel good about it. What's on our feet matters. Think about it, when you meet someone for the first time don't you check out their shoes? A great pair of shoes makes your look for the day. It also leads to tons of confidence and they literally add pep in your step. It's always fun to look down at them and remind yourself that you have great style. Moments like that make definitely make you feel good about yourself.


5. They're Fun

How fun is it to walk around all day knowing that you have a dope pair of shoes on your feet? Every time you look down you're reminded, every time you take a step you're reminded. Doesn't just make you want to dance a little? Or even when they spark up a conversation, because they will. Talking about your fun fabulous shoes usually makes an awesome conversation with fellow fashion lovers. You're bound to have a day filled with good.vibes and good conversations.


We hope these 5 top reasons will help you! If so, leave a comment we love to hear from you. Talk to you soon.

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