Why Are Accessories So Important?


Listen, when it comes to accessories we're just going to keep it real. You need them! We all need them! Why? Because they're a sure fire way to spice up your outfit. The great Iris Apfel says when it comes to accessories “More is more and less is a bore”.


There's nothing wrong with being extra fabulous, that's why accessories are so wonderful. Including summer accessories like sunglasses. If you've already checked out “Top 5 Reasons You Should Never Be Afraid Of Statement Shoes” then keep that same energy for accessories.


If you don't feel like really picking out an outfit, then start with a blank canvas. Go with a minimalistic look first. For example, jeans and a T-shirt. The classic effortlessly chic ensemble. Then start building.


Add a statement necklace….or two, followed with some rings, and a pair of dope statement earrings. Before you know it your simple jeans and a T-shirt will look like money.


If your outfit is already bold and out there, then keep building on that. Don't be afraid to layer accessories over eccentric prints and vibrant colors. Doing so will definitely make you look like a style queen. The summer, is one of the best times to play with the juxtaposition of accessories and skin.


The right colored shoe against your skin tone could really pop. This could create a gorgeous look all on its own. Even a bag with a beautiful chain strap, or gorgeous color will could create an appealing aesthetic. Now let's talk about sunglasses.


Shades are an extremely popular accessory in the summer. They're like the poster child for summer accessories. A dark pair of sunglasses instantly gives you that mysterious look. One glance and people will always wonder “who’s that” everytime you walk by. Not to mention, sunglasses do a hell of a job at adding a bit of edginess to your look.


A pair of brighter sunglasses will add a lot of warmth to your outfit of the day. Always look for colored lenses or gold frames if this is your favorite style.



Overall accessories are every fashionista's best friend. You can't go wrong with them, and without them nothing feels the same. Let's face it the world of fashion would be a pretty boring place without the excitement of accessories.


Our advice? Put on your favorite sunglasses, grab a chic purse, and toss on those bad statement shoes.

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